Q&A is a non-narrative, collaborative minicomic by Dan Berger, Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, Shawn McManus, Colin Panetta, John Statema, and David White.

Each artist created characters asking and answering questions. The pages of every copy have been placed in random order, making each one a unique conversation (of mostly nonsense!)

24 pages. Letterpress cover printed on three different color (green, red and blue) heavy-duty papers  at Big Wheel Press in Easthampton, MA. Black and white, laser printed interiors printed at Collective Copies in Amherst, MA.

Limited quantities are available for purchase online from Mecha Zone and Mysterious Transmissions.

Copies are available in Northampton, MA at FOE Gallery.

‘Caring’ about foreign suffering is not a value-neutral act, because concerned voters can drive policy. But it is also true that the vast majority of foreign affairs watchers consume news as an entertainment good; the average BuzzFeed reader or cable news watcher consumes it even more casually. News outlets are expected to cater to this audience, and so does Fisher’s breezy, 101-level explainers produced for an audience only willing to learn as long as learning is centered around them and their morning coffee.

What Is the Western Gaze? | Smoke & Stir

Taylor Marvin comments on "What Is Nigeria?" and the journalism that inspired it.

(via thetrueblack)

(via thetrueblack)